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I've been fishing in Canada more times than I can count. That's because I lost track somewhere along the way. Each year is planned around the Canadian fishing trip. I've taken all of my closest friends several times. If you want to get to know someone, fly into an outpost camp and spend a week with them. You'll learn alot about the people you thought you knew. We were never the same when we returned and over the years the experience has always bound us together. Mostly it was about taking BJ and Kate. For BJ it's a sleeping trip with some fishing thrown in, more like a time to drink beer and tell stupid stories. Kate is the fisherman. She always managers to catch the biggest fish and has held the jeweled fish award since it's inception. The fish always stay there (except for Norman who was so old that he died from the exersion of hauling him in - the toothless wonder is hanging on Jewel's wall). I can get fish easy enough from the local market so there's no point in putting them in a box and dragging them home.

Whitefish Lake, Ontario, August 2005

Whitefish Lake. I've never fished with people so prone to stupid. This is probably the only time that I've been on the lake in a boat that ran out of gas. Of course it was dark. Of course it was raining and cold. We called Peter and Cody on the walkie talkie to come and get us... of course they had also run out of gas. I can't believe this, two boats, the middle of the lake, cold, rainy, wet and both boats are out of gas. How long can stupid last. Peter got as far as our boat before his gas tank was totally dry. Good thing we don't go to alaska in the middle of the winter. We all piled in one boat and tried to row. Two boats and all we can find is one oar that reaches the water. We were doomed until Cody (over the objections of Peter and I) flagged down a boat (sit down and shut up Cody, do you realize how stupid this will look) good job Cody, just don't tell anybody. And, oh yeah, just in case there are any questions, check out the cribbage trophy - first threepeat.

Greenland, February 2005

Kate went fishing in Greenland without us. Well, not exactly. Peter decided that pulling walleyes through glaciers was simply to cold for him so we played cards instead. Kate looked for fishing spots. Some of the places she picked were not exactly the greatest fishing, but, all in all she had a good time.

Lac Seul, Ear Falls, Canada, 2003

Peter retired and was cruising around the country in his motor home. We had planned a fishing trip with Jewel and Andy. They've been there before with us and were well adapted to the Canadian fishing thing. What I didn't know was that Peter and Donna had driven the motor home to Ear Falls to meet us. It was quite a surprise and good to see them. We had a great week fishing and the kids really had a good time. Kate won the coveted jeweled fish for catching the biggest fish. Third year she has won it. Too bad we ran over the jeweled fish with the truck. We'll have to replace it somehow along the way. It always drives Peter crazy that Kate catches the big ones.

Lac Seul, Ear Falls, Canada, 2002

This was the year that Joel (I always get them confused) hooked the Methuselah fish but he didn't win big fish because they couldn't get it into the boat. We also found out that there was no reason to spend the day pounding around on the lake when all the big fish were below the dam in town. The neighbors dropped in and the reading from the Book of Pike became a spiritual experience.

Lac Seul, Ear Falls, Canada, 2000

This was year two at Lac Seul. It was the year that Peter lost the cribbage trophy. He hasn't been the same since. The pictures pretty much tell the tale of sorrow and defeat. Peter also made friends with "Two Buckets". Peter says that Two Buckets is the biggest Walleye in North America. We all believe it's just a rock, but there is no convincing Peter.

Lac Seul, Ear Falls, Canada, 1999

In 1999, I went to work at a small college near home. I figured that fishing was off the list. Kate had gone off to Minnesota to go to school and I thought I would be confined to bullheads in the mill pond. Then came Peter. Not much can be said about him other than he is simply full of poo up over his eyebrows. Fishing happened in a flash. It was a great year. Fishing below the dam at the outpost cabin was the best. A nice sunny day and more fish that we could throw in the boat. Naturally Kate won the speed fishing tournament and Peter was pissed. To bad... It was the first year that Peter won the Canadian National Cribbage Championship (Notice that I have the trophy now even if he built it and he will probably never get it back again). All in all it was a great week. Nothing better than friends and big lake to fish on.

Bertrand Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1993

We went to Bertand Lake because of the fishing. It was raining the day we flew in. It was the middle of July. On Tuesday we woke up to an inch of snow. The temperature got all the way up to 40 (degrees F) and we about froze. We built a fire in the stove and played cards for the rest of the week. I don't know if there were fish there or not. We didn't catch any except for the perch on Friday. By anyone else's measure they would have called it a bust and never gone back. It was a good time.

Kapkick Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1992

Kapkick Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1991

McVickar Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1990

McVickar Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1989

This may be the first year that kate went along...